From Film to Stage

0173bc84c5e5064e2cf86e66175086476a961d0ad2My first and truest love is the theater. My favorite place in the whole world is between W54st and W41st. i know every single theater in that area. I’ve been more than 96 musicals and I love them. And in honor of the 69th Tony Award Ceremony I will list my ten favorite musicals adapted from films.

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“It’s alive! It’s alive!”

I know it’s been a while since I write down here, but life get’s a little bit complicated and time is never enough. Today, I finally decide to make time for my blog. Ergo it’s a pleasure to quote Frankenstein today and say: “It’s alive! It’s alive!”

The movies is the dirtiest language

English is a fascinating language,  In the English dictionary there are 3010 words that beginning with the letter F (not counting names, FYI and FO) and only one, fuck, is refers as the F word. And, apparently it is a magic word, I can be  verb, as a part of an adverb, as enhancer of the adjective, as a noun or an adjective; it also can refer to something great, bad, painful, etc. As a writer you have to use this versatile word, specially when the rest of the language fails you.

This is the reason I decide to post this graphic of, the decided to make a graphic with the number of times that the word Fuck is used in a film.

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If I make a list of my favorite films there is not one of Spielberg, but I have to admit the man is a genius and I have to admit all that I do as a Director I have learned from him. I believe his technique is unique and the most admirable one. I think this is the key of all his success and why he is the director with the biggest box office income in history of films. In tribute to all his achievements I decide to post an infographic about how much money he had made with all his productions.

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