93. Field of Dreams






“If you build it, they will come”

This is a good movie for sport lovers, is also consider one of the top baseball movies of all times. Field of Dreams is not just about how some player, coach or team overcame obstacles to succeed. It’s about relationships, dreams  (of course), and putting everything on the line to build something you don’t quite understand. There is not many baseball movie scenes quite like when the White Sox players leave the field and disappear into the corn fields.

The movie is based in the short story “Shoeless Joe Jackson come to Iowa” by W.P. Kinsella and the character Terrance Mann represents J.D. Salinger. Salinger wrote a story called “A young girl in 1941 with no waist at all”, featuring a character named Ray Kinsella. Also Salinger features a minor character named Richard Kinsella in “The Catcher in the rye”. I can say that the movie is good for kids who love sports, they gonna enjoy it and watch fascinated the idea of the ghost of the best baseball players playing in your backyard.


Ray Kinsella lives in Iowa with his family. One day while walking through his cornfield, he hear a voice whisper to him, and sees a vision of a baseball field. He plows under his corn and build the field. One day Karin sees a man on the field, Shoeless Joe Jackson, Ray’s father hero.  Joe is thrilled to be able to play baseball again and asks to bring others with him to the field. He later returns with the seven other players emerging from the corn by the outfield.

Ray later hears the voice say “ease his pain”. He attends to  a PTA Meeting where they discussed the books Terence Mann, Ray decides the voice is referring to Mann. Ray goes to Boston to find Mann.  There Ray tale him to a baseball game he hear the voice again saying “go the distance.” Also in the scoreboard he sees a static of a player named Archibald Moonlight Graham. At the beginning Mann denies seen it but later accepted and decide go with Ray looking for him.

When they arrive to Graham’s town they discovered he died. Disappointed Ray goes for a walk and there realize he has gone back in time.  Ray finds him there, and the two talk about Graham’s quitting baseball. Although Graham says he still dreams of playing baseball, he says that if he never worked in medicine, that would have been a greater disappointment. Ray offers to fulfill his dream, but Graham politely declines, joking that he better get home before his wife thinks he has a girlfriend, and Ray returns to the present.

Ray then returns, with Terence, to Iowa. On their way, they pick up a guy named  Archie Graham. At the farm, enough players have now appeared to play regular games. Graham joins the other players.

In the bench of the field Karin is knocks off the bleachers,s he lies on the ground, unconscious and not breathing. “Moonlight” Graham runs over and, after a moment’s hesitation, crosses the field boundary, instantly becoming the old “Doc” Graham. He quickly recognizes that Karin is choking and causes her to cough up the hotdog blocking her throat. Ray realizes that Graham has sacrificed his youthful form and cannot return to the field as a player and apologizes profusely. After reassuring Ray that he was meant not for baseball, but for medicine, Graham walks to the outfield, receiving commendation from the players for saving Karin, who make statements such as “Good work, Doctor”, before Graham disappears into the corn.

As the players return to the cornfield, Joe invites Terence to join them. Ray is angry at not being invited. Shoeless Joe then says to Ray, “If you build it, he will come”, and glances toward a player  near home plate in catcher’s equipment. The player removes his mask and Ray recognizes his father as a young man. Ray, then, assumes that the voice he’d heard was Shoeless Joe’s. But Joe informs Ray that the voice he’d heard, all along, was his own.

Ray introduces his father to Karin, catching himself before telling Karin this man is her grandfather, and introducing him simply as “John”. After a brief exchange, his father heads toward the outfield to leave. Ray, finally and emotionally addressing him as “Dad”, asks if he would like to play catch. His father smiles and says he would like that. As they begin tossing the ball back and forth, the view pulls back to reveal a trail of car headlights approaching the field, extending to the horizon.

This is my most special place in all the world, Ray. Once a place touches you like this, the wind nevers blows so cold again. You feel for it, like it was your child.


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