A deserve break — 10 best movie poster

The other day I went to a pre-screening of a movie and at the entrance theres a little table where you can get some of the movie posters of the moves playing and some old. I took a couple I like and I star thinking in make a post about 10 great movie poster, so here we go.

10. American Beuty

It’s simple, is delicate, is straight to what you gonna see, it’s beautiful

9. Vertigo

It’s Hichtcock. The poster do justice to the film, the image of the poster is awkward as the images of the nightmares in the film are.

8. Pulp Fiction

With out any doubt this is one of the most memorable posters ever. Trying to emulate an old pulp magazine with the image of a noir feme fatale.

7. The Graduate

This poster have everything first that 60’s style of picture drawing, the dull color and the most important of all the most famous image in the story of cinema.

6. Rosemary’s baby.

Not only because is the only poster in my room, or one of my favorite movies. But for the contrast between Mia Farrow restless face and the eerie baby’s carriage… a nightmare waiting to happen.

5. Star Wars: Episode 1

Not need to be a genius to get this one.

4. Paris, Je t’aime

This is a beautiful poster with heart bursting with Eiffel towers, I think is very perfect for the movie and capture the multi-vision of it.

3. Rocketeer

This poster is better than the movie. The poster has this great art-deco style and kinetic I definitely love it.

2. Walk the line

An instant classic, every time I see this poster I think Memphis, union st and sun studios. The color, the image of Cash and of course in the place of honor his guitar.

1. Metropolis

This poster is ominous and the image and lines show you the character of the movie. The poster had been imitated endless times but this poster, as the film deserve a  premium spot in cinema history.

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