My weekend in films: Nowhere Boy

October to December to 2010 will bring a rebirth of the obsession with John Lennon; this year he would be turning 70 and also is 30 years since his death (gulp). So with a very savvy vision the Wenstein Brothers and Sam Taylor-Wood release Nowhere Boy a Biotopic movie of Jonh Lennon’s teenage years. The movie was based in the book Imagine this: growing up with my brother John.

The movie troubles me, the movie more than a biography was a a coming to age movie totally focus in how good looking is  the main actor (Who by the way is the partner of the Director) and felt into the melodramatic, I do not  believe in Aaron Johnson as John Lennon. The movie is very easy to watch because the photography Sam Taylor-Wood is an amazing photographer and conceptual artist. Also I feel something is missing (beside Beatles’s song). Another thing that bother me: Thomas Brodie Sangster he’s a cute boy and I love him in Love Actually, but as Paul no way!

And for all of us who actually watch and love the Anthology, will notice the huge mistake: They do not know how to write actual notes George Martin written them down. The best performance of the movie is Kristin Scott Thomas who portrait Mimi Smith as a cold distant woman.

At the end the movie  feels slightly familiar but mostly generic, any John’s therapy and traumas.

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