My weekend in films: Hereafter

This movie is one of the movies that play with the only concept without sequels,Death.  But here the idea is consider with tenderness and tact but the film did not compromise itself with the possibility of an afterlife although  play with the idea of it or the conscience of an after life as reported by several near death survivors.   The movie develops in 3 stories one of a wash out psychic, a woman who survive a tsunami and little boy who lost his twin brother. The movie works till the stories of the characters meet on a fateful day.

If I hadn’t known Eastwood directed it, I never would have guessed. Apart from the fantastic score, the movie just seems so much more different that you might expect from Eastwood. There were times during the movie I wasn’t really sure things were going to come together, it’s that unexpected sensation what I love more of the movie.

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