My weekend in films: Conviction and 2 old friends

Conviction is not a bad movie, it just isn’t a very good one either. When you have seen one Hillary Swan movie you have seen all. That infamous tag line, “based on a true story,” has been abused to the point of ridiculousness and parody. Even worse is the phrase “inspired by a true events,” which allows filmmakers to try to trick audiences into believing mostly fiction to get a few extra bucks…

After all, technically everything is “inspired by a true story. The air can inspire a story because it keeps you alive. Heartburn can inspire a story. Not all movies based on true stories are good or relevant. The best of the movie is the performance given by a barely recognizable Juliette Lewis, a witness at Kenny’s trial who makes the Swamp People look like Hamptons weekend jetsetters. She only features in two scenes, but they are both memorable, and both times they are significant.


The Rocky Horror’s Picture Show at midnight is a tradition in the cities around the world, this is not my first time going to the Friday night midnight show and is always fun and exited. I was really looking forward for this time because is THE show the Halloween night. The costumes every Friday are great but again Halloween Friday is over the top how many Dr. Frank-N-Furters, Columbas, Magentas and even Rick Raffs. And when you add the Pride band to play the music of the movie is sound like a great night surrender by misfits of the city. But this night was ruin by Glee, yep after the Glee special this past Tuesday the show was crowded with teenager and families, who complain all the time and compare the movie with its unfaithful re-make.

Last night I watched my Blue Ray of Beauty and the Beast with my favorite guy in the planet. And it was great the ballroom scene is still impressing I cannot believe how the animation is still beautiful and look amazing it was like I was watching it for the first time. The new Diamond Edition DVD Blue Ray combo have an extended edition of the movie with the song “Human Again” which wasn’t used in the original release of the movie but it was used in the Musical play. Seen this movie with Sean make it even better because he was so impress and didn’t stop saying “cool”, and even when the movie end he discuss with me endless his favorite moment and character reminds me how much I like that movie and the first time I saw it.

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