My Weekend in films:A film unfinished

This weekend my plan is watch as much movies as possible. So I start this morning with Megamind, Due Date and A film Unfinished. Megamind is cute and fun but no the best of what Dreamworks had done,  it’s true the 3D is amazing; and Due Date is another Dope comedy still Pineapple Express is still my favorite.

A Film Unfinished is the film worth to talking about.  The film directed by Yael Hersonski is a powerful documentary. The tittle  refers a raw footage filmed by the Nazis to be used in propaganda called The Ghetto (Das Ghetto). The footage was shoot over 30 days in May 1942 just two months before the deportation of the inhabitants of the Warswaw Ghetto to the extermination camps. This footage was reveled in 1954 in the archives of East German and show well-dressed Jews enter a butcher’s shop, ignoring the children begging outside and in a similar scenario, prosperous-looking passersby are directed to disregard the corpses abandoned on the sidewalk. Also uses some film discover in 1998, 2 cans of extra scenes of the same Das Ghetto footage, where proves that most of the scenes were stage by SS.

The film is accompanied by readings from personal diaries of Adam Cherniakov, the head of the Jewish Council and interviews with Willy Wist  one of the men behind the cameras of Das Ghetto, and of course some survivors. The purpose of  Das Ghetto was to record for posterity examples of the religious practices and “sub-human culture” of the Jews before elimination; is well know the fascination of the third Reich government with keeping records about everything.  The film show horrifying scenes of hunger, extreme poverty, police brutality, and commune burials; vs false scenes of restaurants, excess and luxuries that the inhabitants of the Ghetto never saw.

It is a privileged experience to watch A Film Unfinished, there is no other historical document like it. To see the images of the inhabitants of the Warsaw Ghetto, the look of terror in their faces and the bodies of the dead randomly strewn about, is a gut wrenching experience. For me the strongest and hardest to scene to watch was not the death but a simple shot of a well-dress Jew standing next to beggar, why? because they wanted to look like she was unconformable and maybe repulse and of course you see her been uncomfortable but also you can see the fear and uncertainty in her eyes and to know that at the end for both of them is the same destiny waiting. It’s true the most eloquent testimony in this film is the one deliver by the mute.

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