My weekend in movies: Tron Legacy

I remember when I was little, my dad love to watch TRON. Until this weekend I barely remember it. As many of you this weekend I ran to the movies to watch TRON: LEGACY.

Well The movie theater was a Nerd convention (IMAX 3D), and no the hot way, I’m talking cartoon way; Imagine the cartoon guy of the Simpons and Homer’s college roommates. But I have to say it TRON was amazing! Visually beautiful, I l thing it was mind blowing , although do not achieve what Avatar did I like it mor. The story try to hard to be deep and philosophical, not achieve. but is quite entreating. Jeff Bridges as always great actor but his alter ego making look 30 years older kind of bother me. Other thing that bothers me is Math in the movies never works so everyone s young.

When I was watching this movie something happened to me I start to remember the original movie and the video game and my dad. After the movie I went to blockbuster and rented the original, the story is more consistent and I do understand more and like it thing I did not when I was little. I recommend Tron it is a worth to see movie.

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