The worst wedding dresses in movie and TV

Today everybody is riding the crazy bus of weddings. Every single movie and TV show are about weddings, every article and blog release today is about weddings or the royal wedding. So why not to jump in the bus? Well in response to this I will rank  the worst Movie (and TV) Wedding dresses.

The ugly and the Fugly

10. My Big Fat Greek Wedding 

This is one of the most horrible dress I ever seen. The dress is even call in the movie the “snow beast”. The dress was designed by Costume Designer Michael Clancy.

9.  Mamma Mia!

This dress was Worn by Amanda Seyfried, and designed by Costume Designer Ann Roth. The dress is horrible loose and shapeless, it simple too much.

8. Betsy’s Wedding

Worn by Molly Ringwald. This movie is the epitome of the worst of the 80’s fashion. The dress was design by Mary Malin. Also the dress was pair with a top hat (too much) and horrible shoes.

7. Star Wars: Episode II Attack of the Clones 

The Wedding dress of Padme Amidala, worn by Natalie Portman, is one of that dress were the phrase less is more. The lace dress and pearls design by Trisha Biggar was really too much. The costumes were inspire by Victorian dresses and Japanese kimonos,and most of the Wardrobe of this movie is quite impressive (even was feature in Vogue Magazine) but the wedding dress is over the top. Still replicas of this dress are sold in the internet and actually it is a very popular model for brides, I guess even geeks get married.

6. Four Weddings and a Funeral.

In a movie with 4 British weddings in the 90’s at least one should be in. Well The winner or I should say the loser is the one used by Andie MacDowell. This dress design by Lindy Hemming, looks like curtain drapes, is big and hide MacDowell’s shape with sleeves are as big as her head.

5. Steel Magnolias

If you think in the corniest wedding  the wedding of Shelby in Steel Magnolia should be in the short list. Well The dress worn by Julia Roberts, and design by Julie Weiss is utterly corny with touches of pink, is huge and puffy and simply horrible.

4.  Like a Virgin

In 1984 Madonna present Like a Virgin in the MTV Music Awards, she was dress in the infamous “wedding dress” that include the  “Boy Toy” belt buckle. I know this is one of the most Iconic presentation of the channel. But that dress is the 80’s, and of course tacky.

3. Hot and Cold

I’m pretty sure this dress is stuck in the memory of many people. The dress worn by Katy Perry for the video of the song Hot and Cold is certainly memorable and not for how pretty it is. To start the hideous bow in the shoulder the color degradation from white to pink and  when she rip the skirt off are hot pants, with hot pink fishnets.

2. November Rain

This dress is a classic of rock, and one of the most expensive videos ever and also one of the top videos of the 90’s. This dress worn by video vixen Stephanie Seymour, cost 8,000 dollars and was designed by Carmela Sutera. This dress is puffy and short with a humongous trail in general the dress.

1. Coming to America

This is, I think, the only movie I like of Eddie Murphy. But the most memorable thing is fugly pink dress worn by Shari Headly and designed by Deboraah Nadolman. This dress is still one of the most popular dresses online, but seriously there is no words to describe how horrible it is.


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5 thoughts on “The worst wedding dresses in movie and TV

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  3. I would disagree on several of the dresses. I think the strapless dresses that are popular today are hideous. I still prefer the poofy and almost princess-like look.

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