Best Wedding scenes in Films

A few days ago I receive a mail of a girl who likes to read my blog. Her favorite post <<The worst Wedding Dresses in films>> and what she ask me was to created a post about my favorite weddings scenes and my favorite wedding proposals in films. So today post is my first post under request: The Best Wedding Scenes in Films. 

10. The Graduate (End Scene)

This is a wedding scene is one of the most romantic and wonderful twit in film history.  I mean he came back for her for to prove how much he loves her, but also she proves she loves him back because she decide to leave behind her new husband and her family.

9. The Godfather (Tarantella scene)

What is better than a traditional catholic Italian wedding, with traditions and family values. What I try to said is “No Sicilian can refuse any request on his daughter’s wedding day”.

8. Cinderella (Wedding Scene)

This is the quintessential fairy tale ending. A working girl meets a prince and they marry and live happily ever after.

7. Deer Hunter ( Wedding Scene)

This a really depressing film about consequences of Vietnam. Bu at the begging of the  movie have a wonderful wedding scene in which a steel  worker marries with his pregnant girlfriend. The scene is amazing because the scene was filmed in a real orthodox church with a real priest and of course after that an unforgettable reception with an omen for the rest  of the movie.

6. Wedding Crashers (Movie Montage)

I like this montage of weddings because they make the wedding seen fun.

5. Philadelphia Story (wedding scene)

This is one of the most glamorous film in history. And beside who wouldn’t like to marry twice with same man specially if that man is Cary Grant. (i couldn’t found a  video of the wedding but I found one with the wedding dress).

4.  It Happened one Night

Again the screwball comedy by Frank Capra. This movie is the perfect example then between and love there is only one step. Beside this scene had one of the most glamorous wedding dresses in films

3. Fiddler on the Roof

This is one of the most touching wedding scenes, specially with the sung “Sunrise, Sunset” int his secen we can see not only the love of the parents for their child, the love of the community, the love of a couple united by love, and the wish of thee peers for the same

2. The Muppets take Manhattan (Broadway show)

This is one of the best Muppets’ movies. And after amnesia, showbiz hustle, a run-out with Joan Rivers and Liza, and a little of experience in advertising the movies manage to create a Broadway show with the help of  their friends and the whole cast of Sesame Street, this show will be the place for the most untraditional movies ever. This is really the best muppets scene

1. Love Actually (wedding)

This one is my personal favorite. I have this theory that is not love if you cannot said it with a Beatle’s song . The only thing this wedding have is the wrong groom and a hideous dress.

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