69. Un Chien Andalou (1929)

UnchienandalouposterDirected by Luis Buñuel

Written by Luis Buñuel and Salvador Dali

Produce by Luis Buñuel

Starring : Pierre Batcheff, Simone Morevil,  Luis Buñuel, Salvador Dali and Jaume Maravitellis

Country:  France

Release date: June 6, 1929

Why you should see it?

This is a 16 minutes surrealist short film and it was the first film of the director Luis Bunuel. Un chien andalou has no plot in the conventional sense of the world. The chronology of the film is disjointed, jumping from “Once upon a time” to “8 years later” without the events or characters changing very much. The movie uses dream logic in narrative flow like the Freudian free association presenting a series of unrelated or tenuously related scenes.

This is the world most famous short film ever made, this is a short film that everyone interested in cinema must watch. This is one of the first handmade movies created by the creators with very little budgets.


Instead of writing the plot, this time, I will post the video.

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