Coco Solari

Who I’m? I’m Coco Solari, I have a degree in Audiovisual communication and studies in scriptwriting. I love films more than anything; my life turn around them. I eat, live and dream films.

I’m a walking contradiction. I’m a mess but at the same time I live my life in lists.  I classified everything with a list, people, movies, books, music… I mean everything. So I will let you with a quick list about me.

10.  I collect rings.

Part of my collection

9.  I love books because is the way I connect with my dad, when I feel alone I pick a book and poof there’s my dad with the answer

8. I think my biggest influence for my love to films is my mom she is the one who used to make us watch old movies like the original planet of the apes, or West Side Story

My family

7. I think the person I had most in common is my brother, but we  denied it. And I think that my sister is the person who understand me better

6. If I go to a party and theres kids I prefer to gang out with the kids rather with the grown ups.

5. I love food, I classified the places I visit for the food I ate.

4. I recently felt in love with analogy photograph, specially with my camera Diana

A pic I took in Savannah

3. I never go anywhere with out a book, my ipod and a camera.

2. When I visit a city I tried to go to 1 museum, 1 famous restaurant and a cemetery.

1. My favorite movie is Roman Holiday; and I always wanted to have the haircut that Audrey Hepburn had in that movie. But it’s also tie with Elizabethtown, every time I see it I found a little piece of wisdom I need  at that moment.

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