98. The Red Shoes (1948)

The_Red_Shoes_(1948_movie_poster)Directed by Michael Powell and Emeric Pressburger

Written by Michael Powell, Emeric Presburger and Keith Winter

Produced by Michael Powell and Emeric Pressburger

Starring: Moira Shearer, Anton Walbrook and Marius Goring

Country: United Kingdom

Relelase date: September 6, 1948

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Movies I’m thankful for

During my time in the USA I learned to love Thanksgiving day, for me this holiday became the day of getting some great food, decorating the Christmas tree, spend four days with people who love me and of course going to watch some long waited movies. To celebrate Thanksgiving day this year I decide to write the list of movies I’m thankful for.

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Today I got an email from a mom of two guys one 13 and one 10, she is going to New York next month and is thinking to go to Billy Elliot (the play) and she is wondering if Billy Elliot is a good movie for her childrens.

My answer is YES. And is not only me  who believe it, the British Film Institute created a poll of the 50 movies every kid should watch before 14 and Billy Elliot one of them. I believe Billy Elliot is not only an entreating, and beautiful movie the movie had great lessons for life. Filial love, Paternal love and their importance in a boy life, and the most important lessons Be Yourself and Express Yourself.

And don’t mind of the amount of Fs in the movie take it and the movie don’t have any sense.