Movies against Bullyin

Yesterday I was a witness of the worst kind of bullying, a father abusing his own young boy, and it was something horrible. It’s not a surprise to me because he was one of the people who bullied me as a kid. I really cannot grasp the idea that someone can do this to his own kid. As a bullied kid I know how horrible is that someone makes you feel less, but luckily for me I had amazing parents that always help through this. That makes me feel worse for the little guy bullied by his own father. I know talk about films is not the answer for this problem, but it might help to comfort and education for victims and bullies too. Continue reading

My Weekend in films:A film unfinished

This weekend my plan is watch as much movies as possible. So I start this morning with Megamind, Due Date and A film Unfinished. Megamind is cute and fun but no the best of what Dreamworks had done,  it’s true the 3D is amazing; and Due Date is another Dope comedy still Pineapple Express is still my favorite.

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My weekend in films: The Tillman Story

This week I want to post something about movie I watch, because is an important topic. The movie is a documentary called The Tillman Story. The documentary directed by Amir Bar-Lev, explores the journey of a family trying to expose the true of a war.

Pat Tillman was a professional football player who left his career with the Arizona Cardinals to join the Army Rangers in 2002. He became an instant hero and a symbol of “patriotism” but when he is killed in 2004 the government tried to turn his death in propaganda. And really they took on the wrong family. Dannie Tillman, Pat’s mother, really led  a crusade to reveal the true behind his son’s life and death. The movie is a clear display of the wrong in the war and with the boys in the army because at the end of the day they are boys.

I will put this movie next to “The Gulf War Did not Take place” (Jean Baudrillard) as one of the cautionary tales of the media and war. Both the Cover of the Gulf War by CNN and Tillman death are tools to sell a war and it’s sad because with that this war has become “entertainment”.

I don’t believe Tillman was a hero for joining to a war, he was because he saw what was wrong with it; and the biggest Hero of this movie is his mother who did everything to show the world that wrong.  Please don’t believe and watch this movie by yourself.