Infographic Wednesday: Futuristic Movie time line

When you say sci-fi to a non-fanatic of the genre, they imagine silver suits on a sterile environment in a future fill with robots. Sci-fi had most of its inspiration on a possible future, a future utopic or dystopic that will change the concept of the human as we know it. Sci-fi is probably the first fiction genre to be reflected on movies and since we had seen a vision of a future. Well, Dan Meth created an infographic that shows the perspective of the future in perspective of the year it was made.

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Birthday movies

Today is the day when I celebrate the joyous occasion of my Birth. Yes, today is y birthday and since I was a kid my parents like to make a big deal about it. I’m not big at parties but they always made something special like in 16th birthday my mom and I saw a movie marathon of Alfred Hitchcock, or last year when  my other parents organize a surprise party or one of my friends took me to watch “Tangled” in a movie theater just the 2 of us. This year haven’t be any different 2 nights ago my sister took me to Feist’s concert. So I will keep the party going with a list of Birthday movies. This list was hard because there is not much movies about birthdays, the one there are out there are or horror movies or about sixteen birthday.

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Cult Films

A Cult Film is a film that have a limited but very special appeal, because is a film that has acquire a highly devoted but specific group of fans. Many cult movies have transcend from their original cult status to became a classic, and then also know Cult Classic.  While other remain in the obscure status “so bad it’s good”.

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Special Brake: 2042

In this year’s film festivals there is a short film running around: 2042. This a great short dystopia film written and directed by Emiliano Castro Vizcarra and is really a piece worth to watch it. If you didn’t catch it in The Cannes film festival, GIFF, or the Shorts Shorts Film Festival; you still have a chance in the Morelia Film Festival or San Diego Film. Here is a preview of the film.

Dystopian Films

Lately I have seen the news and is really worrying the way our reality is; it is scary how some things that seem to happened only in dytopian films are now a reality. Imagine how similar are the sweatshops in the third world similar to the condition of the workers in Metropolis, or the idea of surveillance in 1984 to the way we are living.

What is a dystopian Film?

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