I want to make a horror movie

Once I wrote a story about an invasion of some creatures from the centre of the earth, it was a B-horror-movie with a lot of cheesy lines and it was a great a story that I have been dying to make. While working on Road I found this greats graphics from Studio Canal that put in images how to make different genres of films.

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Infographic Wednesday: Horror Villains

Big part of the allure of Horror Films is the villain, if you ask anyone about a legendary horror film the first things that come to mind is the villain not the hero, this villains have some great origins and back stories. This graphic shows us a little bit about this stories and characteristics.

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Horror movies by numbers

Horror movies are usually a low budget films with equally low income, but sometime a movie came out that its production value is over charts and of course sometimes this break box-office records. In other occasions a tiny production with no remarkable ideas became the horror movie of the year. EJFOX.com created this infographic showing which of the films in the last 40 years are the top grossing films of the genre.

F.Y.I. the graphic also shows the constant presence of the most famous monster of the genre, Dracula.

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