The Worst, Best and the Irrelevant of 2010

The end of another year, for my this one was a great year. I saw over 100 new movies and I finish my script writing studies, so to be honest my year actually turn around films. But as in every year there were good thing, bad things and some irrelevant and that apply to the movies too so lets start with the list.

The Worst

One of my rules in films is: If you think in why I need to add to my grocery list while I watch the movie then is a bad movie. With the next films got me the fullest pantries of the year.

10. THE BOUNTY HUNTER (Andy Tennant)

First of all Gerard Buttler is not good at all in romantic comedy he had prove it several times. Jennifer Anniston is NOT funny. And then you add a script that lack of charm and complexity of  romantic comedy. In the last few years writers had forgotten that romantic comedy is in fact the most difficult kind of script you need to be funny, witty and at the same time you need to be able to create a understandable complexity. This movie is simply flat and even boring.

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Today is my 30th Birthday! (gulp! & gasp!), so to celebrate the joyous occasion I decide to review the year of my birth.

For what I know 1980 was an eventful year and a leap year. In 1980  The Steelers won the super bowl and the Phillies the world series: The world saw the miracle in the snow in the Olympic Winter Games in Lake Placid and the american boycott of The Moscow Summer Olympic Games.  The Post-it were invented;  Robert Deniro, Sissy Spacek and Robert Redford won the Oscar; Evita won the Tony for best musical;  Blondie release “Call Me”; a little band of Ireland named U2 release Boy; Pac Man was release; CNN is launched as the first all news network; and of course December 8th is truly the day that music died when John Lennon was murder.

So in order to commemorated the occasion I decide to create a list of the best 10 movies of that year.

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Best movies of 2010 (so far )

I just complete my New Year’s Resolution: Watch more films ( in a movie theater) than the year before. Well Conviction was the number 101 movie of the year. So I decide to post an special post listing the top 10 of the year so far.

10. Holy Rollers

Sam Gold  is a Hasidic Jew in his late teens who lives with his family in Brooklyn. Sam’s father, Mendel, runs a fabric store and Sam helps out when he isn’t busy with his rabbinical studies. But Mendel isn’t an especially good businessman, a fact that’s become very obvious to Sam, and his uncertain financial future has caused his fiancée’s parents to call off the couple’s upcoming wedding. Sam is also suffering from jealousy his neighbor, Leon, who seems to have better luck in  life.  When Leon’s older brother, Yosef, offers Sam some good-paying part-time work, he’s more than interested. Sam is instructed to fly to Amsterdam, pick up a parcel, and bring it back; it’s not until he comes home to New York that it dawns on Sam that he’s transporting drugs. One of the most amazing facts is that all is true.

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My weekend in films: Conviction and 2 old friends

Conviction is not a bad movie, it just isn’t a very good one either. When you have seen one Hillary Swan movie you have seen all. That infamous tag line, “based on a true story,” has been abused to the point of ridiculousness and parody. Even worse is the phrase “inspired by a true events,” which allows filmmakers to try to trick audiences into believing mostly fiction to get a few extra bucks…

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My weekend in films: Hereafter

This movie is one of the movies that play with the only concept without sequels,Death.  But here the idea is consider with tenderness and tact but the film did not compromise itself with the possibility of an afterlife although  play with the idea of it or the conscience of an after life as reported by several near death survivors.   The movie develops in 3 stories one of a wash out psychic, a woman who survive a tsunami and little boy who lost his twin brother. The movie works till the stories of the characters meet on a fateful day. Continue reading

My weekend in films: Nowhere Boy

October to December to 2010 will bring a rebirth of the obsession with John Lennon; this year he would be turning 70 and also is 30 years since his death (gulp). So with a very savvy vision the Wenstein Brothers and Sam Taylor-Wood release Nowhere Boy a Biotopic movie of Jonh Lennon’s teenage years. The movie was based in the book Imagine this: growing up with my brother John.

The movie troubles me, the movie more than a biography was a a coming to age movie totally focus in how good looking is  the main actor (Who by the way is the partner of the Director) and felt into the melodramatic, I do not  believe in Aaron Johnson as John Lennon. The movie is very easy to watch because the photography Sam Taylor-Wood is an amazing photographer and conceptual artist. Also I feel something is missing (beside Beatles’s song). Another thing that bother me: Thomas Brodie Sangster he’s a cute boy and I love him in Love Actually, but as Paul no way!

And for all of us who actually watch and love the Anthology, will notice the huge mistake: They do not know how to write actual notes George Martin written them down. The best performance of the movie is Kristin Scott Thomas who portrait Mimi Smith as a cold distant woman.

At the end the movie  feels slightly familiar but mostly generic, any John’s therapy and traumas.

My weekend in films: It’s Kind of a Funny Story

This movie is based in the book of the same name by Ned Vizzini. This is kind of an interesting  story because is a teen romantic story in psychiatric hospital.

The story is about Craig a 16 years old who suffer for a pre-suicidal episode,  he ask for help ergo is committed in the  psychiatric guard of the hospital. But the teen psychiatric ward is currently is going to renovation so he is put in the adult ward, where he will meet real disturbed patient. Here he meet Bobby apparently sane but depressive patient with enough problems of his own who became his metal mentor.

The movie works perfectly,due in part to a well-written script.  The cast is great but the real star of the movie is Zach Galifianakis who plays not his usual maniac character, but know he plays  a kind of wise and serious character who is more helpful to Craig than the staff of the hospital.

I love the art of the movie specially the little inserts of animation. When I went to see this movie I expected something more acid and dark, but it’s not which was a good surprise. The movie is good a worth to see it.