My weekend in films: The social network &Let me in

Ok, I’m a Film addict. I go to a movie theater 2 or 3 times a week sometime I go to see 2 or 3 movies on a row. For the last 2 weeks I have write about the best ones of the weekend but this week I saw 2 worth to write about.

The first one is a movie that have been causing waves for weeks: The social Network

The Social Network is a great movie. It’s a simply a perfect script, the plot well develop and very well crafted dialogues, Aaron Sorkin created a totally realistic and memorable script, it will be simply wrong let the script out of the Oscar race. The Director David Fincher uses  his 3 characteristic trails: a perfectionist attitude, impeccable camerawork and his dark yet vividly-colored cinematography. While the performance are simply intense and witty: Jesse Eisenberg play the eccentric, obsessive genius and clueless about social interaction; Andrew Garfield played Eduardo Saverin and he is excellent at it   you feel sorry for him and he is nearly perfect in the movie. Even Justin Timberlake is impressive in the movie playing Sean Parker, he is kind of a duce but still a savvy business man . Wintervoss twins are one of the most perfect character ever because as they are so controlled but at thee same time are a pivotal point of the stroy.

The movie is narrated in flashbacks with make it a very interesting experiment. The opening scene where Marc broke up with his girlfriend Erica is one of the finest scenes I ever saw. I have read compared this movie with Citizen Kane. I should say that the only thing they got in common is that both are about an eccentric mogul. The Social network is very clever because let you wondering Marc Zukenberg is just clueless or a plain ass.  I like it and I even feel bad for Zukenberg because at the end the story is just about an outcast who just try to do something to prove he was more than the other see on him, I mean who have try that.

The Second movie is LET ME IN

A couple of years ago I saw a Swedish film called Let the right one in a  romantic horror film. And it was simply beautiful, the movie was based in the book of the same name by John Ajvide Lindqvist. The story turns around the relationship of a bullied boy and child vampire in the 1980’s. A cool thing of this book is that is inspired by Morrisey song:  Let the Right One Slip In and vampire folklore. The original movie directed by Thomas Alfredson.

When this movie was presented in Tribeca Film Festival, Hammer films buy the rights to make and american version: LET ME IN.  As I already said I love the Swedish movie so I was a little skeptic about the american version. And I was quite wrong the movie is not a remake is an adaptation, the Director Matt Reeves really respect the Swedish version. Obviously there is a lot of chances, like the relationship with the parents

The best part of this is finally is this beautiful romantic story be more accessible to everyone. This is truly a love story, of innocence and blood lust.  It may be not a new idea but definitely worth of seen it.

My weekend in movies: Wall Street 2 Money never sleep

Have you ever read a Vanity Fair Magazine? If not you should is a great magazine , smart interesting and great photographies. If you said yes you will know what I’m talking about. After the collapse of the market in 2008 Vanity Fair run several articles about Wall Street and their players.  Well when you see this movie is like watching this articles coming to live only with very popular faces.

You see the movie is quite interesting placing it in a time an space very familiar to everybody: The bail outs, the mortgage issues, the real state crisis,etc. And the tension in the business part of the movie is quite real and trap you in, but I feel in the personal life of the characters is was quite flat it was missing something, and don’t make start with the end it was SO Hollywood. One thing I love is the use of the skyline to place the graph of the market.

If you go to the movie this week and you want to see a great cameo of Oliver Stone and Charlie Sheen watch it.

My weekend in films: The Tillman Story

This week I want to post something about movie I watch, because is an important topic. The movie is a documentary called The Tillman Story. The documentary directed by Amir Bar-Lev, explores the journey of a family trying to expose the true of a war.

Pat Tillman was a professional football player who left his career with the Arizona Cardinals to join the Army Rangers in 2002. He became an instant hero and a symbol of “patriotism” but when he is killed in 2004 the government tried to turn his death in propaganda. And really they took on the wrong family. Dannie Tillman, Pat’s mother, really led  a crusade to reveal the true behind his son’s life and death. The movie is a clear display of the wrong in the war and with the boys in the army because at the end of the day they are boys.

I will put this movie next to “The Gulf War Did not Take place” (Jean Baudrillard) as one of the cautionary tales of the media and war. Both the Cover of the Gulf War by CNN and Tillman death are tools to sell a war and it’s sad because with that this war has become “entertainment”.

I don’t believe Tillman was a hero for joining to a war, he was because he saw what was wrong with it; and the biggest Hero of this movie is his mother who did everything to show the world that wrong.  Please don’t believe and watch this movie by yourself.