Movies I’m thankful for

During my time in the USA I learned to love Thanksgiving day, for me this holiday became the day of getting some great food, decorating the Christmas tree, spend four days with people who love me and of course going to watch some long waited movies. To celebrate Thanksgiving day this year I decide to write the list of movies I’m thankful for.

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Ugliest Bridesmaid dresses in films

This Saturday one of my friends, Liz, is getting married. This is kind of a shotgun wedding so it’s not going to be so big. Well she is one of the corniest friend I have she love everything pink and girly so as a reminder I decide to dedicate her this post.

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Pop the Question: best proposals in films

A few moths ago I was ask to write a couple of post about weddings, so I decide to post the last of this today. Valentine’s day is the day of the year with more wedding proposals and weddings. So I tough it will be a great inspiration for those getting ready to pop the question tonight. Without further ado,  here is my list for the 10 best wedding proposals on films.

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