99. Plan 9 from outer space (1959)

398px-Plan_9_Alternative_posterDirected by Ed Wood

Written by Ed Wood

Produced by Ed Wood, Charles Burg, J. Edward rReynolds and Hugh Thomas Jr.

Starring: Joana Lee, Vampira, Bela Lugosi, Gregory Walcott, Mona McKinnon, John Breckindge, Tom Keene, Tor Johnson and Dudley MAnlove

Country: USA

Release Date: July 22, 1959

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The worst wedding dresses in movie and TV

Today everybody is riding the crazy bus of weddings. Every single movie and TV show are about weddings, every article and blog release today is about weddings or the royal wedding. So why not to jump in the bus? Well in response to this I will rank  the worst Movie (and TV) Wedding dresses. Continue reading

The Worst, Best and the Irrelevant of 2010

The end of another year, for my this one was a great year. I saw over 100 new movies and I finish my script writing studies, so to be honest my year actually turn around films. But as in every year there were good thing, bad things and some irrelevant and that apply to the movies too so lets start with the list.

The Worst

One of my rules in films is: If you think in why I need to add to my grocery list while I watch the movie then is a bad movie. With the next films got me the fullest pantries of the year.

10. THE BOUNTY HUNTER (Andy Tennant)

First of all Gerard Buttler is not good at all in romantic comedy he had prove it several times. Jennifer Anniston is NOT funny. And then you add a script that lack of charm and complexity of  romantic comedy. In the last few years writers had forgotten that romantic comedy is in fact the most difficult kind of script you need to be funny, witty and at the same time you need to be able to create a understandable complexity. This movie is simply flat and even boring.

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A bad ending break

Last week I saw Wall Street 2: Money Never Sleep. And that movie make me thing in this post. I believe that a good movie is the movie that when you are watching in it you are not thinking in anything more in the movie a movie that trap you in. A bad movie is the one you think in your grocery list at the same time you are in the theater. And then is the worst kind of movies the ones I like to call the Flush movie: this movie is a movie that trap you and you are all into the story and then the last 10 or 5 minutes of the movie everything goes down the toilet. So I decide to present you with my 10 Flush movies.


An american version of a Korean drama. The movie had a lot of potential a love story that take place in the same house but in different time was quite illogical but it works and in some point even sad. And then Flush! The illogical goes beyond the fantasy turning a nice drama in absolutely crap. Lets think for a moment, if I break time and space and do an action to change the pass the future (or the present) as I know will be already modified, Duh!


The movie is quite a good Spielberg’s noir sci-fi, full of action and amazing visual effects. The movie wraps you in amazing ways and then Flush!. When Anderton (a.k.a. Tom Cruise) is capture and freeze in jail should be the end, it is a Noir movie do not need a happy ending, but no he breaks free and saves the day.

8. OCEAN 11

I’m talking of the original version with Frank Sinatra, not with Clooney. This movie actually require a happy ending you see this guys work so hard to still the money, and even lost one of their team. So when they are ready to leave Vegas with the money. . . Flush! The money is cremated with the body of their friend, quite a deception.


Simply and plain I do not understand the end of this movie. What does giant baby floating in the space mean? I have seen this movie several times I even read the book and nope don’t get it. Maybe another ending I will thing is a great movie.


I know that’s the way how the book end, but they didn’t learn anything in film school: everything that happened off screen should be explain in screen because if you don’t do that the sense of connection is broken. Here they kill off screen the main character and then that becomes a senseless babbling.


Ok, the world is invaded by aliens, everywhere is destruction. He fights for 2 hours to keep his kids alive and to destroy the aliens. And then Flush, when he reach his in-laws home everything is perfect the aliens destroy the planet but magical forgot that area

4. The Matrix Revolutions

The whole movie was the Flush. You see the first movie was great the Wachoswki brothers did to Simulation and Simulacra what Geoge Lucas did to The Hero with a thousand faces, and then they made one mediocre sequel and then a flush.

3. Pay it Foward

The movie actually could be good, you know the idea was brilliant and the way how the twist the stories and then Flush! they kill the kid, this movie actually need a happy ending. Sometimes writers give sad ending in order to win some kind of recognition but they do not realize that the movie is the one who chose the end not the writer. Did they didn’t learn anything about Tolsky?


You have an amazing story with a lot of potential, a woman lost his son in a plane crash;nobody believes her, wort nobody believe she have a son. Then FLUSH: The alien took the boy.

1. Star Wars: Revenge of the sith

# things ruin the movie for me: 1) what the heck with the high ground? don’t get it, Jedi thing or no I do not know. 2) Padme died and the babies never see her, how Lea said she remember her mother in The empire strike back? and 3) They promise me Liam Neeson and I never see him. Flush!

Our first break

The other day I was watching TV. It was Sunday night, which in Atlanta means: you should be at you home cause everything is close. So I was surfing the channels and nothing when I got to HBO, I found in the family channel one of that bad movies that you have to see every time is TV (one of my guilty pleasure is watch bad cheesy movies).  Well I was watching this movie which I will not name and suddenly I star thinking in which are the worst movies I ever watched. The ones are really bad that even if you pay me I will not watch again so I collected 10 of them.  They are more but we will leave to the top 10.

The 10 worst Movies I ever saw

10.- P.S. I Love You.

Directed by: Richard LaGravenese

Why is on the list?: I know many women may disagree but this movie was flat-out lame! Apparently it was a serious film, but I don’t know if it works. Is one of that manipulative emotional film target to lonely women. (no offence intended). The movie doesn’t leave with anything but a great gag reflect.

9.- The master of disguise

Directed by: Perry Andelin Blake

Why is on the list?: I like Dana Carvey, Church lady is one of the best characters in SNL. But this movie was painful to watch. I actually don’t remember most of it, my brain defense mechanism has done his job brilliantly.

8.- Jennifer’s Body

Directed by: Karyn Kusama

Why is on the list?: Where can I start? I know … Megan Fox the worst actress ever.Then is the dialogue Faux-hip is the best why to describe.  And the story, while you are trying to figure out what’s going on the movie is over, is one of that movies that when you are watching it you are thinking what else do you need to add to your grocery list and when you leave the theater  you forget everything about it (thank goodness).

7.- Pinocchio

Directed by: Roberto Benigni

Why is on the list? : To start with, 2 words: Roberto Benigni. Is a very poor made, un funny and creepy movie. The dialogue is monosyllabic and shallow. If you think Life is Beautiful was painful to watch this one take the price. (It was a hard decision between Life is beautiful and this one)

6.- You don’t mess with the Zohan.

Directed by: Dennis Dugan

Why is on the list?: This movie is plainly offensive. I don’t think the Gaza conflict ia a good idea for a comedy.

5.- All about Steve

Directed by: Phil Trail

Why is on the list?: Well it’s suppose to be a romantic comedy but ends as a creepy story of a psycho stocked with horrible taste. The Heroine in the movie instead of related to her you can only pity her. I know they gave the oscar to Sandra Bullock as a blond but who told her she looks fine?. The movie is a waste of time and money.

4.-Dude, where is my car?

Directed by: Danny Leiner

Why is on the list?: This movie is the best example of the trailer was better than the movie. Is dumb, and not funny dumb. Is ridiculous, nonsenses  and plain boring.

3.- City of Angels

Directed by: Brad Silverling

Why is on the list?:  All this week I had been complaining about Hollywood re-makes to good European movies, and this one take the price. An over the top and corny remake of the Wing of Desire, Wim Wenders’ master piece. Is a manipulative emotional film that can only be described with a line of one of my favorite movies …. “It’s so cheesy that I could eat it with crackers” (Reality Bites, 1994)

2.- Norbit

Directed by: Brian Robbins

Why is on the list?: First I think the only good movie with Eddie Murphy on it is Coming to America, after that everything has been downhill. Norbit is a film that I only can classified as misogynistic and misanthropic ever made. Is offensive to anyone with any taste.

1.- Swept Away

Directed by: Guy Ritchie

Why is on the list?: First Why make a remake of a boring italian movie? Sorry to said Madonna is absolutely and ridiculous boring in this movie. The movie is slow, but the cinematography is beautiful is a shame that not even that is appealing after Madonna with a uber fake accent and co-star with no live. Wilson, from Cast Away, have much more personality.