Infographic Wednesday: Horror Villains

Big part of the allure of Horror Films is the villain, if you ask anyone about a legendary horror film the first things that come to mind is the villain not the hero, this villains have some great origins and back stories. This graphic shows us a little bit about this stories and characteristics.

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Infographic Wednesday: The evolution of horror films

Each year hundred of horror films are made and release around the world, big budget film, b-movies, low budget, indie films, etc. All this films add something to the genre and here is a graphic courtesy of CNN that show us the evolution of the genre.

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Horror movies by numbers

Horror movies are usually a low budget films with equally low income, but sometime a movie came out that its production value is over charts and of course sometimes this break box-office records. In other occasions a tiny production with no remarkable ideas became the horror movie of the year. created this infographic showing which of the films in the last 40 years are the top grossing films of the genre.

F.Y.I. the graphic also shows the constant presence of the most famous monster of the genre, Dracula.

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Infographic Wednesday: Technology Fiction vs Reality

One of my favorite genres is Science Fiction, I love sci-fi literature, TV shows and films. One of my favorite Sci-fi book is Douglas Adams’ “The Hitchhiker Guide to the Galaxy” a couple of months ago I was reading again this book and I start thinking that Wikipedia reminds me the guide and Siri reminds me to HAL from “2001: Space Oddisey” and apparently I’m not the only one. AT&T Savings created this graphic about technology inspired by science fiction.

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Infographic Wednesday: Futuristic Movie time line

When you say sci-fi to a non-fanatic of the genre, they imagine silver suits on a sterile environment in a future fill with robots. Sci-fi had most of its inspiration on a possible future, a future utopic or dystopic that will change the concept of the human as we know it. Sci-fi is probably the first fiction genre to be reflected on movies and since we had seen a vision of a future. Well, Dan Meth created an infographic that shows the perspective of the future in perspective of the year it was made.

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Infographic Wednesday: Mistakes in Sci-Fi

Sci-fi movies require a lot of research, attention to detail, and almost flawless storylines in order for an audience to let go and believe what they are seeing is real. Let’s be honest sometimes the script writers use or overuse the literary freedom letting some minor details overlooked and sometimes a really big ones. So here is graphic of some of the mistakes in the sci-fi movies.

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Infographic Wednesday: Time Travel in Films

I have been thinking about the graphics for this month and I honestly could not decide which one to put on, so I decide to create a month for just one topic that way was born Sci-fi September this month all my post will be about the best genre in films.

To open this month I decide to share this marvelous graphic by MovieFill of time travel in films. Time travel is one of the most recurring themes in sci-fi literature and obviously in films.

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Infographic Wednesday: Movies set in New York

This week I’m moving to New York City. I’m starting a program to write musical theater (YAY!!). New York is the most interesting city in the world, every corner is a movie set, every block is a muse; some of the most talented artist of the past century had found their home and the answer to their quest in this beautiful city. To celebrate this city and this huge step on my career I decide to post a graphic with every movie inspired by this mecca.

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Infographic Wednesday: Film Genres

Always when I speak of any film, in this blog, the first thing I do is to talk about the genre of the film to give a general idea of what the film is similar to. There are ten genres in films, but whit-in there are several sub genres and the hybrid genres so in order for you know all this, I will share with you a graphic by that explain categorize them.

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