The Worst, Best and the Irrelevant of 2010

The end of another year, for my this one was a great year. I saw over 100 new movies and I finish my script writing studies, so to be honest my year actually turn around films. But as in every year there were good thing, bad things and some irrelevant and that apply to the movies too so lets start with the list.

The Worst

One of my rules in films is: If you think in why I need to add to my grocery list while I watch the movie then is a bad movie. With the next films got me the fullest pantries of the year.

10. THE BOUNTY HUNTER (Andy Tennant)

First of all Gerard Buttler is not good at all in romantic comedy he had prove it several times. Jennifer Anniston is NOT funny. And then you add a script that lack of charm and complexity of  romantic comedy. In the last few years writers had forgotten that romantic comedy is in fact the most difficult kind of script you need to be funny, witty and at the same time you need to be able to create a understandable complexity. This movie is simply flat and even boring.

9. Yogi Bear (Eric Breving)

I never was fan of yogi bear, and I wasn’t really thinking to watch the movie but  the guys ask me to take them, well I spend most of the time playing with my phone. The movie was  Terrible, the story is flat the CGI looks overlap, the actors are terrible, the jokes are not funny and Yogi Bear is anxious. Even one of the guys felt sleep in the middle of the movie.  At the beginning of the movie there was a short movie of the roadrunner and Willie E Coyote, I think was the best of the movie.

8. The Back Up Plan (Alan Poul)

Another charmless romantic comedy portraying desperate single women trying to get a happy ending. But in the mean time drive into the offensive and cliches.

7. Cyrus  (Jay Duplass, & Mark Duplass)

I really hate tis movie. It was ridiculous worst part somebody gave me the DVD for Christmas. This movie is the top of the obnoxious comedy.

6. I’m Still here (Casey Affleck)

I’m always up for a good Mock-cumentary but ruined the career of a talented actor as Joaquin Phoenix for it is simple ridiculous. The crazy look and the rapper thing not good at all. Simply Casey Affleck let the director gigs to your brother.

5. Jonah Hex  (Jimmy Hayward)

Two words to ruin a movie: Megan Fox. The movie again another fail attempt to adapted a graphic novel is a waste of film, and the talent of Josh Brolin. The story is pointless with a final that could better if they use the Deus ex Machina.

4. Grown ups (Denis Dugan)

What it is worst that not a funny comedy… A bad comedy by Adam Sandler. The movie is not only funny is ridiculous and gross. In some point the movie try to get a sentimental moment but again felt in the corny. The movie is a excuse from Adam Sandler to make profit of his vacation with his friends.

3. Killers (Robert Luketic)

Katherine Heigl + Ashton Kutcher = Automatic failure. This movie was actually awful. Aside from the horrible acting, the plot is so contrived and unoriginal. Because the characters are portrayed by two of the least talented actors ever.

2. MacGruber (Jorma Tacone)

I actually like the sketch in SNL, but ninety minutes of it bring a nonsense story and tasteless jokes and crude and horrible humor. I was very close to leave the movie theater several occasions during the movie.

1. Sex and the city 2 (Michael Patrick King)

With out a doubt the worst movie I saw in 2010. I never saw the TV show, never caught my attention. Never understood the appeal of four desperate nymphomaniacs in New York.  Make it worst old Nymphos talking menopausal. Dear God just kill me now. The movie do not have story, two hours trying to display unaffordable   shoes, couture and jewerly in charmless characters with mediocre dialogue. Both movies I tough were racist the first one to Mexico and the second one to Middle east and I found the whole movie offensive.

The Irrelevant

My rule for irrelevant movies is the next: When you see a movie and you can continue your life with thinking about it was really irrelevant.  The next 5 movies enter in that category.

5. The Wolfman (Joe Johnson)

Updating classic  horror movies specially from the Hammer era is a really hard task. Joe Johnson did his best with and incredible cast but the movie was absolutely and completely flat and unmemorable. Wolfman could not decide if it wanted to be a great movie horror or a tribute to the monster and in both cases fail. It was so mediocre I forgot I saw it until I found the ticket on my wallet several weeks later.

4. Extraordinary Measures (Tom Vaughan)

I saw this one because Harrison Ford is on it, but one thing I’m sure I should have wait until became a regular in Lifetime movie network or in the Hallmark Channel.

3. The Kids are alright (Lisa Sholodenko)

Most of the people will not agree wit me here but I really don’t think this movie is as good as they said. The theme is no cutting age is a reality, the story is not funny is a cliche, the performances are maybe good but the story is 100% mediocre. The believe that put a lesbian couple will make a great movie is really a joke.

2. The Losers (Sylvain White)

This movie it wasn’t bad or either good, it was irrelevant. The cast had a couple of promising names and yes, the movie was based in a graphic novel but even so the movie did not have enough edge to make us remember it. Beside the movie got lose in a sea of action bromances.

1. Conviction  (Tony Goldwin)

Conviction is not a bad movie, it just isn’t a very good one either. When you have seen one Hillary Swan movie you have seen all. That infamous tag line, “based on a true story,” has been abused to the point of ridiculousness and parody. Even worse is the phrase “inspired by a true events,” which allows filmmakers to try to trick audiences into believing mostly fiction to get a few extra bucks. After all, technically everything is “inspired by a true story. The air can inspire a story because it keeps you alive. Heartburn can inspire a story. Not all movies based on true stories are good or relevant. The best of the movie is the performance given by a barely recognizable Juliette Lewis, a witness at Kenny’s trial who makes the Swamp People look like Hamptons weekend jetsetters. She only features in two scenes, but they are both memorable, and both times they are significant.

The Best

10. 127 hours (Dany Boyle)

Aron Ralston went hiking in the wilderness without telling anyone where he was going, and then, in a deep, narrow crevice, got his forearm trapped between a boulder and the canyon wall. Oops. Then this magnificent movie became a monologue in a single location achieve to the perfection. Dany Boyle manage to create a gross out scene with out even show the scene and James Franco well Boyle use his adorable charm to create the movie. For sure  this is one of the best movies of the year.

9.  It’s kind of a funny Story  (Anna Boden & Ryan Fleck)

This movie is based in the book of the same name by Ned Vizzini. This is kind of an interesting  story because is a teen romantic story in psychiatric hospital.

The story is about Craig a 16 years old who suffer for a pre-suicidal episode,  he ask for help ergo is committed in the  psychiatric guard of the hospital. But the teen psychiatric ward is currently is going to renovation so he is put in the adult ward, where he will meet real disturbed patient. Here he meet Bobby apparently sane but depressive patient with enough problems of his own who became his metal mentor.

The movie works perfectly,due in part to a well-written script.  The cast is great but the real star of the movie is Zach Galifianakis who plays not his usual maniac character, but know he plays  a kind of wise and serious character who is more helpful to Craig than the staff of the hospital.

I love the art of the movie specially the little inserts of animation. When I went to see this movie I expected something more acid and dark, but it’s not which was a good surprise. The movie is good a worth to see it.

8. Let me in (Matt Reeves)

A couple of years ago I saw a Swedish film called Let the right one in a  romantic horror film. And it was simply beautiful, the movie was based in the book of the same name by John Ajvide Lindqvist. The story turns around the relationship of a bullied boy and child vampire in the 1980′s. A cool thing of this book is that is inspired by Morrisey song:  Let the Right One Slip In and vampire folklore. The original movie directed by Thomas Alfredson.

When this movie was presented in Tribeca Film Festival, Hammer films buy the rights to make and american version: LET ME IN.  As I already said I love the Swedish movie so I was a little skeptic about the american version. And I was quite wrong the movie is not a remake is an adaptation, the Director Matt Reeves really respect the Swedish version. Obviously there is a lot of chances, like the relationship with the parents

The best part of this is finally is this beautiful romantic story be more accessible to everyone. This is truly a love story, of innocence and blood lust.  It may be not a new idea but definitely worth of seen it.

7. The Ghost Writer (Roman Polanski)

Ghost Writer is one of this year forgotten movies, and it is a shame. The movie, a mystery, is one of the best of Polanski. The cast is very good, because is under the direction of a man who can really pull a thriller. The story runs smooth and calm in a way that turn every single character into a potential suspect. The movie is inspire by the book The ghost by Robert Harris. The story is about a ghost writer for the memories  of a British Prime Minister very much inspire in Tony Blair, that live a life where everything is much more that it seems.

6. The King Speech  (Tom Hooper)

The movie about a stuttering King George VI, who is convinced by his wife Elizabeth to work with this unconventional  Australian therapist.   This crazy treatments turn Prince Albert into King George VI the king that guide UK  during World War II. I’m pretty sure this movie will give Colin Flirt his second nomination to the Oscar, and I really hope he win because he is marvelous in this movie.  The movie is a sumptuous period piece, with a flawless art and photography.

5.Toy Story 3 (Lee Unkrich)

Every year in the best of the year you going to find a Pixar movie. This year is Toy Story3, the movie is really the perfect ending for the trilogy. This time now the toys deal with the fear of abandon when Andy is going to college. This premise take us to a new adventures in order to keep the gang together. The movie is the perfect mix emotions and is the kind of movie that children will love and will bring tears to any grown up that had follow the trilogy. Toy Story 3 is beautiful imaginative and simply perfect.

4. Inception  (Christopher Nolan)

Everybody saw this one. Dominic and Arthur are on an corporate espionage mission within the mind of a powerful Japanese businessman Saito through his dreams. The mission fails but Saito reveals that he is in fact auditioning the team to perform the act of inception as a trade to get Dominic what he wants.

The target is Robert Fischer, the objective is to convince Fischer to break up his father’s empire. Cobb recruits Eames, a forger who can change appearance inside dreams, Yusuf , a sedative chemist, and Ariadne, a student whom he and Arthur train as an architect to design dream worlds. The team share the flight with Robert Fischer and drug him. They enter  the dream and kidnap Fischer. There they come under attack by Fischer’s subconscious projections, they have to be careful because due to the strength of the sedatives and multiple dream layers, death will result in the person going into limbo, a world of unconstructed dream space, for a seemingly indefinite time

3. Black Swan (Darren Aronofsky)

A ballet horror/ psychological thriller. This line got me to see this movie and no regrets. This movie let behind the technology and support itself in its actors. Natalie Portman and Mila Kunis are stunning in the movie. The story with a background of the Swan Lake , create the perfect balance of anguish and dreamlike. A ballerina trying to satisfies her demanding mother and the perfectionist ballet director.

2. The Fighter (David O. Russell)

When you read about this movie you gonna found descriptions as the best sport movie in years and the term sport movie all around, but I will call this movie a dysfunctional family love story. Yes, the movie brings back the all under dog box movies but beyond that bring funny, familiar and realistic characters. And the performances are trashy and totally believable; Christian Bale deserve an Oscar.

1. The Social Network (Aaron Sorkin)

Definitely the movie of the year.  This movie is a real master piece have great direction, flawless script and really emotional performances.  The movie not only talk to use to the creation of the biggest social experiment in the human history but also makes wonder in the true nature of the man behind it. The cast is incredible and I think one of the biggest success of the movie is the fact that is really a movie about our times and also about something that all of us are part of it. Other think that I found really interesting of the movie is the domino effect that had bring Mark Zuckerberg.  Other thing that I thing is an innovation is the digital creation of the Winklevoss twins.

Best Movie for children

2. Tangled (Nathan Greno & Byron Howard)

Tangled is a new spin in Rapunzel story with a beautiful music by Alan Menken; the movie is and old fashion Disney princess musical. The movie brings back the strong and independent and very enjoyable Disney princess musical, at the end of the day is an empowerment tale to teach bright, dreamy girls how to grow to maturity — and outgrow the adults in charge.

This definitely not just a girly princess  movie is a comedy/adventure/ romance for every age. The three main character voices are great:  Mandy Moore is an adorable princess and great with the singing part, Donna Murphy is a amazing musical theater goddess is so marvelous that I can bet the song “Mother knows best” is gonna be in the short list for the Oscar, and of course the prince Zachary Levy is charming and perfect  he is the perfect good guy pretending be a bad boy.

1. Toy Story

Look up

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